Metz Culinary Management


Your child’s nutrition is our top priority.

Healthy eating habits start early. We’ve been a leader in nutrition by establishing programs that enhance the well-being of students, faculty and staff.

Our menus are designed to encourage healthy eating and promote nutrition education. We design programs that get students involved with the food they eat, whether they learn about growing, selecting, or preparing it.

We look to provide your students with a friendly, welcoming environment where they can recharge and refuel. We’ll do our part to contribute to top performance in the classroom.

Our Wellness program at Riverview has benefited from our relationship with Metz Culinary Management. Metz has coordinated meetings to discuss how best to implement the new wellness policy and has provided the leadership necessary to make it happen. In particular, they have run wellness fairs during our professional development days and have even offered taste testing days to help the staff and students sample new healthier alternatives. Metz has been instrumental in helping the school meet the new standards for healthier living and eating.Jay Moser, Principal
Riverview Jr/Sr High School