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Keep employees satisfied with delicious food and friendly service.

It’s simple—give your employees choices they want with value that keeps them coming back for more. With nationally known brands, popular in-house concepts and the latest foodservice trends, Metz will transform any corporate dining program into a restaurant-quality experience.

We will learn about your employees’ needs and company culture, then structure a foodservice program tailored to both. We understand how intelligently designed foodservice operations can improve productivity, facilitate communication and increase job satisfaction.


Nutritional Expertise

Metz also offers culinary and nutritional expertise, combining the freshest ingredients available with a highly trained foodservice team to create the ultimate dining experience. Or, consider our LiveWell program that helps guests make healthy choices.

With a customizable approach focused on nutritious foods and quality dining experiences, we ensure our services exceed your expectations and set new standards for excellence.

We also provide environmental services to keep your facilities clean and attractive.