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Ready-to-Eat Meals

A new option for delicious and nutritious frozen and shelf-stable meals.

Our state-of-the-art facility in Sarasota allows us to offer many services, including serving senior centers through food brought into congregate operations, home delivery, and adult daycare centers. We also have a child nutrition division, which provides children in afterschool programs with hot meals. Our frozen USDA meals and shelf-stable meals are available for shipping throughout the country. In addition, we also assist the communities with emergency food needs.

Emergency Services

You can’t always plan for the unexpected, but you can team up with Metz to ensure that food will be readily available in times of disaster or emergency. Our frozen and prepared meal services can be stored and made immediately available to those in need during a crisis. We also offer shelf stable meals which will last for 12 months for emergency storage and camping meals. 

Congregate Meals

Our culinary team is well-versed in the regulations and requirements of a Congregate Meal service. We design our menus with these criteria in mind, so regulatory compliance is easy!  With many years of creative menu design, we can offer a wide range of menu options to meet your guests’ expectations.  

We offer a traditional bulk hot meal service, with much attention paid to how the food looks in the pans when it arrives at your site.  We know that your guests “eat with their eyes” first before ever tasting the ingredients, so our presentation has to look sharp!  We can also provide pre-plated or pre-packaged hot meals in a congregate setting as well.

Cafe-Style Meals

We also have the ability to offer our café-style cold meals in both home-delivered and congregate settings. Utilizing a menu featuring attractively presented cold sandwiches and entrée Salads, each of our cafe-style meals arrives at your site wrapped and packaged similarly to what you would receive in a restaurant setting.  Our cafe-style meals have been a hit so far, providing a quality alternative to the traditional hot meal.  Our cafe-style meals are a perfect fit for today’s active seniors who often are not seeking a hot meal at lunch, or for those seniors who may not arrive at your site in time for lunch, such as afternoon social groups, or day trips.

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