Try It Tuesday: Metz Culinary Making Healthy Eating Exciting for K-12 Students

by | Mar 15, 2024 | Blog

Metz Culinary Management introduces its innovative “Try It Tuesday” promotion to make healthy eating fun and educational for K-12 students. This initiative builds on the success of Metz’s Nutritious Friends program and aims to spark students’ interest in various fruits, vegetables, and ancient grains.

“Try It Tuesday” introduces new and delicious menu items and incorporates nutrition education to inform students about the health benefits of the featured food.

Try It Tuesday: Engaging and Educating:

Funnel Cakes and Maple Waffle Flatbread Sandwiches by Metz Culinary

“Try It Tuesday” takes place on the last Tuesday of each month. Metz’s on-site chefs and general managers select a recipe from their extensive database. Students sample the featured dish and are encouraged to provide feedback on the food through interactive activities.

This engagement helps students feel a sense of ownership in their dining experience and menu selections.

Success at Slippery Rock School District:

The Slippery Rock School District in Slippery Rock, PA, has enthusiastically embraced “Try It Tuesday”, scheduling two monthly samplings. Some exciting plates include maple waffle flatbread, smashed broccoli, pickled pizza with a unique twist, quesadillas with roasted corn salsa, and more.

The positive response from students and parents demonstrates the success of this program in introducing children to new, nutritious foods.

Parent Testimonials:

“Try It Tuesday” has proven to be a hit for students and parents. One parent even called in to express amazement at their child eating butternut squash, showcasing the impact of this initiative. The quesadilla samples were so well-received that students applauded at the end of lunch.

Try It Tuesday: Building a Healthier Future:

roasted corn salsa and improved toasted chicken quesadillas by Metz Culinary

Foods that receive positive student feedback through “Try It Tuesday” become part of the permanent school menu rotation. Metz Culinary Management’s innovative approach introduces students to exciting and savory foods and plays a crucial role in shaping positive dietary decisions that can impact their lifelong health.


“Try It Tuesday” is just one example of how Metz Culinary Management revolutionizes nutrition education while creating engaging dining experiences for K-12 students.

By expanding students’ awareness of healthy and delicious food options, Metz contributes to developing good dietary decision-making that will positively influence their lives. To learn more about Metz Culinary Management and its commitment to ethical responsibility, environmental stewardship, and healthy lifestyles, visit

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