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November 6th, 2020

NU Worker Thrives with Job Coach

Ian Rolfe has been working for Metz Culinary Management, at the evening shift for Niagara University‘s dining area for 13 years. Twice to four times a month, he meets with a job coach who helps him maintain his employment.

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April 16th, 2018

Worker Discovers Independence, Community Through Supported Employment

“I wish it happened like this all time. Metz Culinary Management called us and said they’re new in town, but they’re in other states where they have hired individuals with disabilities, and are looking to do the same in Georgia,” said Deborah Conway, executive director of Cross Plains Community Partner. Luckily, Maxwell who is a self-starter, full of […]

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February 23rd, 2018

Special Needs Employees Get a Step Up at Metz

Metz Culinary Management has committed so diligently to hiring workers who may need a little extra help, the stance has been incorporated as one of the company’s core values: “Respect and Caring – Honoring the culture and worth of people, seeing to their comfort without the expectation of return.” The philosophy stretches across all Metz’s […]

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