Metz & Mashgin Deliver Game-changing AI-powered Self-Checkout

by | Nov 28, 2023 | News Releases

Metz Culinary Management, Inc. (Metz) is partnering with Mashgin to deliver contactless checkout technology to airports, healthcare facilities and other high-volume locations. The device streamlines the checkout process, reduces the time purchasers spend in the cashier line and improves the overall payment process. Guests simply place their items on a scanner for instant checkout.

The technology utilizes 3D cameras combined with A.I. to speed up the checkout process. Once trained on all items offered for purchase by the retail site, the scanner recognizes and charges for each item placed on its scanner via cameras and computer vision algorithms. The guest simply pays and then leaves.

The self-checkout system delivers a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Touchless checkout & mobile ordering
  • Shorter lines
    • 4X faster transactions
    • Increased participation
    • 20% – 34% more revenue generated
  • Extended hours of operation
  • Higher customer satisfaction
    • 80% of customers prefer Mashgin
    • 100% say it’s faster
    • 99% say it’s easy to use
    • 88% return <30 days

Mashgin in use at Erie County Medical Center

Before launching this AI-powered system, culinary guests at ECMC Hospital in Buffalo, NY experienced long lines at checkout, especially during lunch hours due to staffing shortages. Leveraging the system has reduced the average transaction time at ECMC to 18 seconds.

“With this system in service, ECMC now has two automated lanes open at all times with or without a human cashier on the line,” said Heidi Charland, Metz District Manager, Healthcare, for Metz. “We have been able to repurpose staff from checkout duties to other areas as needed without altering staffing levels.”

“Metz has deployed the system in multiple partner locations and can run up to four cashier-less lanes per site,” said Cory Cochran, Chief Information Officer for Metz. “The technology significantly reduces wait times for guests and has received high customer satisfaction ratings.”

Metz plans to roll out the system to higher education culinary partners soon.

Metz is also planning a pilot program for a biometrics solution that associates a purchaser’s payment method with their palm scan. The biometrics technology will save purchasers’ time and improve hygiene, which is essential to hospitals.

Mashgin in use with Metz team member at ECMC

Additionally, Metz plans to launch its Just Walk Out C-store concept in partnership with Marymount Manhattan College and Amazon in early 2024. Just Walk Out allows shoppers to enter a store using their credit card or palm recognition linked to a credit card, take the products they are looking for off the shelf and then just walk out of the store. Items in the shopper’s virtual shopping cart automatically charge to their card when they leave the store.

Innovative digital technologies like Mashgin deliver efficiency for Metz’s culinary partners and significantly enhance the guest experience.