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Learn it, Live it

September 27th, 2012Nutrition

Creating a healthier lifestyle isn’t a piece of cake (pun intended), especially for people working in an office environment. To help clients steer their employees to adopting a healthier way to eat and live, Metz has designed a LiveWell Program that informs guests about healthy eating habits that they can take home with them beyond the office cafeteria.

The program, designed for schools, healthcare facilities and businesses, is rooted in application, education, and motivation. Metz enters the premise with locally sourced ingredients and educational materials in hand; but they don’t just drop the goods and go. Metz guides their clients until they’ve left a lasting impression.

The three-step program begins by introducing healthy alternatives, like certified-organic ingredients, vegetarian, vegan, heart-healthy and lower fat options, hormone-free milk and cage-free eggs. Guests are then lead through an educational series that introduces a LiveWell menu ID system, “Super Naturals” food nutrition handouts, fun wellness fairs, and a nutrition corner with information on all menu items, along with healthy recipes, wellness tips and other resourceful guides. Metz then sharpens and fastens these learned lessons with free cooking classes, chef tips for grocery shopping and healthier cooking techniques, sponsored farmer’s market days, and partnerships with major health and nutrition organizations.

By the end of the LiveWell program, guest feedback is overwhelming – they report feeling revitalized and ready to take on the workday thanks to their healthier lifestyle. Ask Metz how they can change the lives of your peers or co-workers.