K12 Foodservice

Healthy eating habits start early

Metz Culinary Management has become a leader in K-12 dining services by establishing programs that enhance the well-being of students, teachers, and staff. Our focus is on preparing high-quality, delicious, and nutritious food while reducing the number of processed foods on our menus. We meet or exceed all National School Lunch and Breakfast Program guidelines in our menus.

With SchoolCafe® technology, parents/guardians, students, school nurses, and guests can view our menus, including their nutritional values and food allergens, online or through the app.

Our Dietitians Know Nutrition

whole grain individually wrapped recipe inspiration to boost participationThe Metz Culinary Management K-12 culinary team works with our registered dietitians and on-site managers to gain feedback on menus and what students enjoy based on dining surveys, feedback from personal interactions, and participation rates. They develop menu ideas based on culinary expertise, seasonal ingredients, dining trends, and required nutritional guidelines. The goal is to continuously create great-tasting meals that kids enjoy while improving nutrition at the same time.

We understand the importance of proper nutrition to the health and well-being of students, so we place special emphasis on nutrition education in every school we serve. Our combination of educational programs work in conjunction with our menus to help students develop healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

whole grain grab n go bento boxes w/ individually wrapped brands kids love

Additional Advantages

  • Nutrition education programs included as part of our services
  • Robust marketing and engagement program
  • Annual dining surveys
  • Integrated technology package
    • SchoolCafe® integration
    • Personalized websites
    • Social media
  • Support and resources for upgrades and remodels
What They're Saying

“The Metz Culinary Management team has met all expectations and promises made in their proposal. They were committed and engaged through the transition and startup process. They brought a team to speak with the contract employees to introduce their team and company. They explained the transition process and interview/application timeline for those potential employees. Startup as well as the transition off the Seamless Summer Option went very well. I have received multiple unsolicited compliments from students, parents, and staff about how terrific the food is. Our middle school principal’s only complaint has been that some days his students struggle making a menu choice because there are too many good options. This principal also complimented the positive improvement of staff customer service with the Metz Culinary team and our new Food Service Director. I would recommend Metz Culinary Management as a partner in school foodservice management. They have made a positive impact as great partner in just a few months.”

Daniel S.

CFO, K-12 School District

Facility Services

Not only can our team provide exceptional foodservice management for our students and guests, Metz also offers services that help keep facilities clean, green, and attractive.

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