Innovation at Metz

For true innovators, trends are yesterday's news

At Metz, we pride ourselves at being one step ahead of the curve when it comes to innovations in dining and facility services.


We’ve mastered the art of sourcing locally. We build relationships with local farmers, food co-ops, regional brands, and other organizations that provide the freshest ingredients from their back yard to your table. This results in familiarity of foods and dishes your guests know and love.


Adaptability and speed to market are part of the Metz family DNA. We can deliver outstanding dining management and facility services that are adapted to your community and culture. As an integral part of who you are, we share your goals and values providing a sense of comfort and hominess unequaled by our competition.



Metz sustainability is the perfect shade of green. We work working closely with our client and vendor partners to implement sustainability programs that align with our collective goals. This may include managing food waste through programs like Leanpath, green cleaning products that reduce water pollution, menu collaborations with The Human Society of the United States, and smart sourcing of ingredients that are local and humane.


As your dining and facility management partner, Metz provides complete transparency in every aspect of our services. From our financial reporting to guest feedback to safety & sanitation audits, we work hand-in-hand with our client-partners to provide the information they require to create successful programs.



We don’t ask you to become part of our organization, we want to become part of who you are and welcome you and your guests like family.

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