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Gourmet Cafeteria

September 27th, 2012Food Trends

Students in public school districts can no longer pass up broccoli for an ice cream bar. New Federal guidelines require that schools update the nutrition standards of their meals, helping to ensure students receive satisfying and healthy meals.

Convincing K-8 kids to grab a tomato instead of a chocolate bar presents a challenge, but Metz isn’t backing down. To combat children’s preconceived notions about healthy eating, Metz has launched a “Nutritious Friend of the Month” program, which promotes a different healthy food each month through educational materials, activity & coloring sheets, student interaction and incorporation into the monthly menu.

Metz knows that engagement will be key in changing the way kids see food. The monthly “Nutritious Friend” program facilitates that change in perception through educational materials that engage students about featured “supernatural” foods. These educational facts are always followed-up by a fresh recipe and an activity sheet with puzzles and word games that reinforce nutritional values.

This program is just one way Metz has helped schools across the Northeast to revamp their lunch menus, implement life-changing food education programs, and reshape eating habits. Ask Metz what they can do for your students.