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“Fresh Start” Event at Morrisville High School Introduces Kids to Healthier Lunch Program

September 12th, 2012News Releases

Lancaster-grown produce will be on display to educate students about smarter food choices.

Dallas, Pa. (September 12, 2012) – Metz Culinary Management, a leading provider of dining management services, will hold a “Fresh Start” lunch on Sept. 13 from 10:20 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Morrisville High School in Morrisville, Pa. Students, faculty, school board members and administrative staff will be invited to the event, which will celebrate the school’s renovated cafeteria and introduce Morrisville School District students, ages 8-18, to a revamped meal plan.

“We’re using the event as a way to educate our students about healthy, more exotic foods they may not know about,” said James Donovan, Metz Culinary Management General Manager of Dining Services at Morrisville School District. “We also want to show the community that Morrisville is taking the lead on meeting new federal regulations in school lunches with a fresh start in both the kitchen and dining area.”

In past years, students were able to choose up to five items for lunch with no limits on which food groups were accounted for. New federal school lunch regulations require that every lunch served must have a fruit or vegetable item on the tray. The “Fresh Start” event will feature a fruit and vegetable display to inform students about a variety of healthy, Lancaster-grown produce options. The “Fresh Start” promotion on Sept. 13 will continue through all five lunch periods as an open house.

Morrisville High’s School’s changes to the cafeteria space include newly painted walls, signage, updated televisions and fresh, creative artwork on display.

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