Metz Culinary Management



What is the company doing to address COVID-19?
We have implemented a revalidation process of all Metz Culinary Management (MCM) team member training which includes:
1. Proper hand washing procedures
2. Safe food handling procedures
3. Required sanitation standards and procedures

1. Team members are being advised to stay home if sick
2. Any team member who has travelled to a CDC Level-3 country OR has been on a cruise ship is required to be tested for COVID-19 and produce the appropriate results OR remain out of work (quarantine) for a period of not less than 14 days
3. We have restricted air travel for our regional management
4. Team members access to all facilities served by MCM will follow the client facility’s directive and policy

What do I do if I am diagnosed with COVID-19
1. Stay at home and communicate with manager
2. Communicate with supervisor on your recovery

What do I do if my account has suspended service due to COVID-19?
Visit your state’s department of labor website to determine your best course of action. You can apply for unemployment insurance (UI) benefits. A claim would need to be filed, preferably online, and benefits amount would be determined through available wage records.

What if a team member is losing hours because of a workforce reduction related to COVID-19?
The team member would likely be eligible for partial unemployment insurance benefits: if a person is still employed, but the regular hours of work have been reduced, depending on the number of hours that have been reduced and the amount of earning for the week, the person would be eligible for reduced UI benefits.

What if a team member is sent home from work because their employer for some reason thinks they are a risk, or they are are at risk?
A team member would likely be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits. If the employer sends a person home because there is a possibility that the person was or may have been exposed to COVID-19, assuming that the person is not being paid by the employer while at home, the person may be eligible for unemployment benefits. A claim would be filed online and the benefits amount would be determined through available wage records.

When filing for unemployment, what date do I use for ‘return to work date’ if that is unknown?
You should use the estimated return to work date. If that’s 2-4 weeks, use the 4 weeks’ date.

When filing for unemployment, what employer contact information (ie address, phone #, email) do I use?
You should use your work location information.