Celebrating Black History Month: A Walk Through Family Recipes with Metz Culinary

by | Feb 16, 2024 | Blog

In the vibrant past of American culture, Black History Month stands as a beacon of remembrance and celebration, honoring the contributions and legacies of African Americans throughout history. At Metz Culinary Management, Inc., this month holds special significance as they pay homage to this rich heritage through the flavors and stories of family recipes.

Under the theme “Our Family, Our Recipes,” Metz proudly spotlights Black History Month across its diverse partner sites, ranging from Higher Ed to Healthcare and Corporate Dining to K-12 institutions. This year, the spotlight shines on the culinary talents of three remarkable chefs, each sharing cherished recipes passed down through generations of African American life.

Meet the Chef’s Honoring African American History

Fried Cabbage With Bacon, Metz CulinaryChef Xavier Smith, Metz’s Corporate Chef, emphasizes the importance of highlighting the diversity of African American cuisine beyond the usual stereotypes. “Many organizations typically feature the usual fried chicken, black-eyed peas, and greens for Black History Month,” notes Chef Xavier. “But because Metz is a family-oriented company, we wanted to focus on the diversity of recipes from some of our African American chefs whose dishes are part of their family heritage.”

Chef Rene’e Fitzgerald reminisces about the love for cooking instilled in her family from an early age. “I grew up in a family that loved to cook, from my grandmother to my sisters,” she shares fondly. Hailing from Virginia, Chef Rene’e’s family recipes evoke the warmth of home-cooked meals, from beef ribs to peach cobbler made with love.

Chef Timothy Eaves shares his favorite childhood memories centered around family gatherings and the joy of cooking together. “One of my favorite memories with my family is getting together the last Sunday of the month,” Chef Timothy recalls. His family’s Mississippi roots shine through in dishes like fried catfish and Hoppin’ John, steeped in tradition and flavor.

Chef Xavier’s tribute to his grandmother and family traditions brings the essence of South Carolina’s Low Country to the table. “My greatest memories are around the family dinner table and cooking with my grandmother,” he reflects. Chef Xavier’s menu honors his ancestors’ roots and culinary heritage, from smothered pork chops to Jollof rice.

Beyond The Mouthwatering Recipes

Chicken dinner, Metz CulinaryBeyond the personal anecdotes and mouthwatering recipes, Metz Culinary Management’s commitment to honoring culinary diversity shines brightly. Chefs with African American culinary roots were encouraged to submit their recipes for local promotions, ensuring each site could share in celebrating Black History Month.

Metz’s dedication to delivering restaurant-inspired experiences while upholding high standards for ethical responsibility and environmental stewardship is evident in its approach to celebrating Black History Month. Metz educates and delights guests by showcasing time-honored recipes steeped in history and flavor, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of African American culinary traditions.

Savor The Flavors Of African American History Month With Metz Culinary

As we savor the flavors and stories woven into each dish, let us also reflect on African American culture’s resilience, creativity, and enduring legacy. This Black History Month, let us come together, embrace diversity, and celebrate the richness of our collective heritage through the universal language of food.

To learn more about Metz Culinary Management and their commitment to culinary excellence and cultural celebration, visit their website at metzculinary.com. Join them in honoring Black History Month and exploring the myriad flavors of African American cuisine.