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Farm to Fork

Amazingly fresh meals start close to home.

We build relationships with local farmers, regional brands, state agricultural associations, and other organizations to provide the freshest ingredients from your backyard to the tabletop.

As part of our Farm-to-Fork program, you can expect:

  • Food and ingredients sourced locally whenever possible
  • Hand-picked farmers and food processors provide the freshest, certified quality produce, meat, raw ingredients and food products
  • Many menu items homemade from scratch

Our chefs and general managers also visit local farms to learn new agricultural methods and sustainable practices. And, we host local farmer’s markets with fresh, seasonal produce, so you can meet the people growing your food.

Our State Partners include

  • New York: Pride of New York
  • Pennsylvania: PA Preferred
  • Ohio: Ohio Proud
  • Vermont: Buy Local
  • New Jersey: Jersey Fresh