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Dining Management

Expect top-notch food served with a smile.

With Metz, it’s all about the food. Whether you’re in a business, healthcare or educational setting, our menus offer fresh, nutritious, enticing options tailored to your guests and created by on-site management at each location.

dining management with enticing options

We source the best local foods and ingredients each season for meals that cater to your tastes.
You’ll discover an abundance of vegetarian, vegan, heart-healthy and lower fat choices due to our commitment to nutrition. Just think: better-for-you recipes made with all-natural ingredients and trans-fat free oil, hormone-free milk, cage-free eggs and fair-trade coffee are just the beginning. Yet, we don’t lose sight that food should be a fun, enjoyable and occasionally indulgent part of the day.

Just think: better-for-you recipes made with all-natural ingredients.

Our passion for food is matched by our passion for outstanding service. We treat your guests as our own. Friendly, informative and committed to your satisfaction, our team will serve you a restaurant-quality experience every day.

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