There’s a reason we’re rated one of the top 20 foodservice management companies.

Visit any Metz-operated dining facility and you’ll notice the difference right away: appealing décor, friendly staff and fresh prepared meals, snacks and other items that look as appetizing as they taste.

We’re setting new standards for excellence based on our company values – hospitality, integrity and fairness, balance, respect and caring, quality and fun.

Our guest-focused approach stems from the various restaurants and foodservice concepts we’ve operated since 1994 – everything from fast casual to fine dining. That’s nearly 25 years worth of customer service experiences brought to your operation every day.

We readily embrace initiatives that enable you to uphold your organization’s standards for ethical responsibility, environmental stewardship and healthy lifestyles.


foodservice management sustainability


Our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Sustainability. We serve your perfect shade of green.

We pledge to be environmental stewards by working closely with clients, sustainability partners and vendors on dining concepts, products and programs that meet your needs while protecting resources for future generations.

Here’s a small sample of typical earth-friendly practices we are prepared to offer in concert with our clients’ philosophies.

In the food we serve

  • Source organic and locally produced foods to build seasonal menus around fresh, local produce and ingredients
  • Offer hormone-free milk and fair trade coffee and other options such as cage-free eggs
  • Partner with local and state agencies to promote local products and companies
  • Transition approximately 35% of meat based meals to plant based alternatives by 2025

In the way we prepare and serve food

  • Practice water and energy conservation by offering EnergyStar equipment and conducting routine audits to identify opportunities to reduce output
  • Use biodegradable food and beverage containers, napkins and trash bags
  • Offer reusable mugs, containers and serviceware

In the way we clean

  • Recycle cans, paper and plastic as well as food scraps for composting
  • Participate in programs that recycle cooking oils waste into biofuels
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning agents and recycled cleaning materials like mop heads made from recycled plastic with handles from renewable bamboo

Additionally, we continue to educate and train employees on environmentally friendly practices for work and home. And, we’re committed to working with suppliers whose products and practices reflect the same mindset.


Sustainability. We serve your perfect shade of green.

To learn more, view our Sustainability Position Statement


We last updated this page on January 17, 2022.

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