At Metz, our goal is to exceed our guests’ and clients’ expectations around great service. Our guest-first philosophy has helped us earn a place as one of the nation’s leading hospitality and facilities management companies.

Metz Culinary Management and Environmental Services services to:

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K-12 Public & Independent Schools

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Higher Education Institutions

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Our passion is to provide an excellent culinary experience that exceeds your expectations. Whether you oversee dining services for a large business or manage the lunches at your high school cafeteria, you can count on Metz to help you achieve your goals.

We Deliver:

  • Dining Mangement
  • Chef-Driven Hospitality
  • Sustainability
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Catering
    • Galas and fundraisers
    • Theme dinners
    • Hot and cold buffets
    • Galas and fundraisers

Our Brands:


We’re committed to keeping your facilities and property clean, green, and attractive.

We Deliver:

  • Environmentally-Friendly Housekeeping Services
  • Cost-Effective Laundry Services
  • Facilities Management / Maintenance
  • Groundskeeping


Dedication to Sustainability

We work closely with our clients and vendors on programs that meet your needs while protecting resources for future generations. We offer:

• Organic culinary programs featuring produce from sustainable farms
• Waste and energy reduction programs, like Leanpath®
• Plant-based vendor partnerships
• Comprehensive recycling programs
• Products and services that minimize water usage
• Environmentally-friendly cleaning chemicals

Innovative Technology

We’re constantly looking ahead to the future to see how we can improve our services. Some recent changes include:

• Mobile and kiosk ordering, food lockers, and delivery robots for retail dining
• Menus with nutrition and allergy information via QR codes
• Frictionless checkouts like Mashgin® and integrated digital wallets
• Innovative vending options like Byte®
• Amazon® Just Walk Out technology
• ES Optimizer™ for EVS performance improvement planning

Our History

In 1994, the late John C. Metz—a former Army chef and hospitality trailblazer— established Metz Culinary Management and Environmental Services. His vision? To meet the growing need for on-site dining and facilities management.

Today, President & CEO Jeff Metz has carried on his father’s legacy and ushered Metz into a new era.

Our History

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Leading from our guest-first philosophy, we take great care to make sure that everyone at your facility feels part of a large family. When you choose Metz, you get the hands-on involvement of our entire company and access to all of our people and expertise, including our leadership team. That is our promise.

Want to talk with our CEO?

Give Jeff Metz a call at 570.674.8737
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Call us at (800) 675-2499 or
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