Metz’s House-Made Sushi Rolls Delight Guests with New Recipes

by | Jan 17, 2024 | Metz News, News

Assorted RollsMetz Culinary Management, Inc. (Metz) has expanded its line of freshly made sushi rolls for K-12, higher education, corporate and healthcare dining partners. First launched in 2022, Metz’s sushi rolls are made from scratch and provide guests with healthy and tasty meal options that are crowd pleasers.

“Sushi rolls are an outsourced product at most dining locations, but our culinary team, led by Chef John Selick, Corporate Culinary Director, wanted to create new recipes and make them on-site,” said Brian Bachman, Vice President of Purchasing for Metz. “Guests appreciate that they are getting a fresh product, made on location and not shipped in from an off-site supplier.”

Metz’s partner kitchens start with rice and proteins, add vegetables, then package and label the finished rolls. While all ingredients are cooked for K-12 guests, higher education, corporate and healthcare guests are offered the full range of sushi rolls. Recipes include:

  • Assorted Sushi RollsAhi tuna cups
  • Ahi tuna nigiri
  • California roll
  • Classic Hawaiian poke bowl
  • Ebi shrimp nigiri
  • Flame seared poke bowl
  • Mango salmon poke bowl
  • Philadelphia roll
  • Rainbow roll
  • Seared tuna cups
  • Seared tuna nigiri
  • Spicy crab roll
  • Spicy tuna roll
  • Tempura shrimp roll
  • Tuna avocado roll
  • Veggie roll

“Our sushi rolls are extremely popular,” said Bachman. “Our team at one high school made and sold more than 300 rolls over the course of one day.”

Preparing sushi rolls in-house allows Metz and its culinary partners to provide guests with an exciting meal option that they don’t see every day. This is part of Metz’s commitment to dining innovation that keeps guests wanting more.